701 E New Haven Ave
Second Floor
Melbourne, FL 32901


Located in the heart of Brevard County’s nightlife, Downtown Melbourne, our quintessential lounge posses the appeal of both an intimate boite and a high-energy full liquor nightspot. Invoking the sophisticated yet rakish appeal of a nightclub, the club’s striking South Beach design, luxury decor, and seamless functionality combine to produce the ultimate stage for high-end entertaining.

Since parting its velvet ropes for the very first time in August of 2010, The Gallery has been the most talked about nightspot, making it one of Brevard County’s favorite nightspots. Easy to spot with its one and only Zebra building, in contradiction to the typical flash-in-the-pan bar or lounge, The Gallery creates an fun atmosphere to enjoy a night of entertainment surrounded with the ambiance of fine art and great music. In addition to a birds eye view of Old Historic Downtown Melbourne, this second level lounge offers a large dance floor, its own state-of-the-art audiovisual system and hosts the best Dance Music, giving the club an exciting South Beach appeal.

A veteran management team from South Beach that guarantees every evening runs smoothly both for individual guests and for larger gatherings is the icing on the cake that will keep The Gallery strong for many years to come- allowing The Gallery to make an enduring mark on the nightlife landscape as no other venue has been able to do in Downtown Melbourne.

Brevard's Premier NightClub